into the wild

A Surprise

What would you do if you wake up and found a key to an all new Jaguar on your breakfast table ? Of course you would rub your eyes in disbelief. But after you had your first coffee you would bring that cat on the street. And that's exactly what I've done. I immediately started packing my bag with only the most necessary things and was wondering how much space there is in this 4-door sports coupe. If I had so much more space, why not taking some extra stuff with me. Hello Mountaineering equipment - time for a road trip into the wild.



Once you push the start button, the Jag goes straight to 8.000 rpm and is giving you a warm welcome with his purr. You can gently slide over the German Autobahn with the XF-S and relish all the comfy extras, but hey, we got a V6 with 380 HP. I switched to Dynamic Mode, so that the suspension is a little bit stronger and activated the Sports Mode.                              Now the cat is hunting for more and before you could turn round I found my self in between some impressive mountains in the austrian alps.

One Curve following an other

Thanks to the all-wheel drive the Jag really enjoyed the curves in the high mountain areas and it's so easy to find the perfect cornering, that there is enough time to enjoy these awesome views you can only find in the mountains. Left, right, left… I am addicted to curves and I guess the Jaguar is too.                                                                                                                       And even if the weather isn’t the best in this early September the XF-S is my perfect travel companion. Thank’s to him I had my climbing equipment with me and so I decided to climb up one of the biggest mountains in the Allgäu Alps. 

Over the Clouds

Here in over 2.000 m the sun is shining at it’s best. That’s the benefit for being over the clouds. One characteristic of those places is the silence. There is so much noise in our everyday life and it’s a great but special feeling when you’re belted with this tranquillity. But I was sure I could hear something. Something only I could observe.                                                              There was something in my brain. It was this „vroooom & brrrrp“ the Jag surrounded me with and to hear it in total silence was a sign. I had to go back !


Arrived back in the valley I was exhausted, nearly 3.000m in altitude.                                                                                                                                                                                                   I stored all the climbing gear and camera equipment in the trunk and was pleased to sit in this comfy seats of the XF-S. Having the steering wheel in my hand I couldn’t believe what I saw. Big dark clouds next the mountains peak. A thunderstorm. No words about that in the forecast.


While I was driving back home I stroked the Jag, he prevent me to get into the risky storm.

As I said. The perfect companion.Thank’s to Jaguar for this adventure.