Triumph Bobber and Alpinestars

This might not be the kind of stuff you expect from us but it was big fun.

Testing the new Triumph Bobber and Alpinestars' Oscar Jacket, Gloves and Shoes, we saw the steet from another point of view.

Just getting out, feeling the wind and sun. This was definitely not the last time changing from four wheels on two.

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McLaren P1

This is the Car Jeremy Clarkson is afraid of. I can truely understand that.

V8 Bi-Turbo + Electric Motor - 916 PS combined - 900 Nm - 350 km/h

Porsche GT3RS

This young hero for racetracks is going to be a classic someday.

6 Cylinder Boxer - 500 PS - 460 Nm - 310 km/h


Just watch and enjoy. Is there anything more fascinating than seeing this beauty on the road?


Go hard or go home.

V8 Kompressor - 575 PS - 700 Nm - 322 km/h


The most powerfull AMG gave us some Impressions at Spa.

V8 Biturbo - 585 PS - 700 Nm - 318 km/h


Ford GT 40

The GT 40 is never getting old. Even more legendary...

IAA 2015: Jaguar Land Rover

Audi Sport

See the brandnew Audi R8 LMS. I can't imagine a better place than the Nürburgring for Audi to show his racing-weapon for the upcoming season.